Our values

More than a job, a family

We want you to be part of the great Lopesan family and we want this to be the best professional experience possible. Yes, it sounds ambitious, however, at Lopesan we are not afraid of big challenges, but rather they motivate us and fill us with energy.

The company was born from the conviction to "build". In our early years, we built infrastructure. Over the years we have not stopped doing it, although now we have added new "constructions" that are even more important: experiences, dreams and new horizons.

A family with shared principles

The members of the Lopesan family share certain principles, a way of acting that makes us unique and different. We will tell you below the most relevant aspects of how we live Lopesan.

We start with our mission

Achieve customer satisfaction, the profitability of the production units and the sustainability of the facilities.

We continue with our aspiration for the future, our vision:

  • To be the benchmark company in the tourism activities management sector.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement models as a path to excellence.
  • Consolidate ourselves as an organization with an innovative character and participatory spirit.
  • To be a benchmark of corporate culture based on respect and care for the environment and the protection of the occupational health and safety of our workers, guaranteeing respect for human and labor rights and the commitment to the social and cultural progress of the Canary Islands.

Finally, we stop at our values:

Professional rigor.


Sincerity and clarity.

Commitment to quality, respect for the environment and a preventive culture.

Internal promotion.

We are working to go further and take our culture into the future. Soon you will have more news.